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LET US PREY Unveil Music Video For Blistering New Song ‘Halo Crown’ (feat. Anthrax’s Jon Donais) Dar

Bridging the gap between progressive, power and thrash metal, the Boston-based LET US PREY – fronted by vocalist Marc Lopes, best known as the front man of Manowar/The Dictators co-founder Ross Friedman's group Ross The Boss – will release their debut full-length, “Virtues of the Vicious,” on July 24 via M-Theory Audio. Today, the band proudly unveils “Halo Crown,” the second taste of the new album and a must-listen for fans of Nevermore, Forbidden and Death. A music video for the song – which features a guest guitar solo by Anthrax lead guitarist Jon Donais – can be seen at this location: Pre-orders for “Virtues of the Vicious” on CD and limited-edition blood red vinyl are available now at presents The new LET US PREY video for "Halo Crown"

Marc Lopes should be known to most as the singer of ROSS THE BOSS, with whom he has just released the album "Born Of Fire". In fact, the American can also be significantly more modern and, above all, harder. He proves this with his band LET US PREY, which has only released one EP since its founding in 2015, but now has its first complete album in the box. The full length debut is called "Virtues Of The Vicious" and is expected to be released on July 24th at M-Theory Audio. What can you expect? According to the band, it's Dark Melodic Power Thrash. A mixture of rather groovy Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore is probably quite good. But one thing is definitely clear: Marc Lopes can not only

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