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LET US PREY Sign With M-Theory Audio New album 'Virtues of the Vicious' to be released this

Dark Melodic Power Thrashers LET US PREY Sign With M-Theory Audio

New album 'Virtues of the Vicious' to be released this summer

The Boston-based dark melodic power thrash group LET US PREY have signed with M-Theory Audio, which will release the group's full-length debut, “Virtues of the Vicious,” this summer. A music video for the album's opening track, “Above The Vaulted Sky,” can be viewed HERE. The song can also now be streamed or downloaded via Bandcamp

Led by vocalist Marc Lopes – best known as the front man of Manowar co-founder Ross Friedman's group, Ross The Boss – and guitarist Jon Morency, LET US PREY incorporates numerous subgenres of metal into their style while still sounding organic. The group's adventurous music sees elements of thrash, death, power and progressive metal meld seamlessly with industrial samples and symphonic keyboards. The drumming is surgically precise and blisteringly fast without sounding mechanical; the guitars mix crushing, down-tuned brutality with dense harmonies and ripping leads; and Lopes shifts effortlessly from thrash/death metal growls to soaring melodic vocals and searing Halford-esque highs with layered harmonies.

“Virtues Of The Vicious” – the follow-up to LET US PREY's acclaimed 2016 EP, “The Saint of Killers” – was recorded by Pete Rutcho (Revocation, Havok, Bury Your Dead) and Nick Bellmore (Hatebreed, Toxic Holocaust, Five Finger Death Punch). More details about the album, including pre-order information, will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Says M-Theory's Marco Barbieri, “I became aware of Let Us Prey a couple years ago after hearing a song premiered on a metal site. Immediately their sound -- a darker and more modern mix of traditional and melodic heaviness -- caught my attention, but upon hearing that voice I wanted to work with the guys in some capacity and began to chase vocalist Marc Lopes. Little did I know but at the time Marc recently accepted an invitation to front the Ross the Boss band, which has seen him preoccupied touring the world and releasing solid releases of metal with the legendary Manowar/Dictators guitarist. Well, friends we became and I saw an unbelievable work ethic and an undeniable good nature while he juggled plane trips, live performances, social media interaction, a cross-country relationship, his own outside shed-making business and countless guest vocal appearances at events like Dimebash, Heavy Metal Hall Of Fame Gala, Ultimate Jam Nights to name a few, but my persistence and his dream have finally connected and I’m proud to publicly announce our deal and the realization of this album early this summer.”

Adds Lopes, “Having the opportunity to work with someone like Marco – someone with such a prestigious track record, as well as someone who totally shares our vision – and his team at M-Theory was a no-brainer. I'm looking forward to injecting LET US PREY into the current metal scene alongside so many classic and up-and-coming bands.”

LET US PREY have previously performed in and around the northeastern United States alongside the likes of Soilwork, Suffocation, Soulfly, Life Of Agony, Metal Church, Battle Beast, Doro and Scar Symmetry, among others. The band will return to the stage this summer, after Lopes wraps up extensive North American and European tours with Ross The Boss.

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